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Friday 24th Jan 2020

Mental Health & Recovery

We cannot recover people – but we can get in the way of people in their own efforts of recovery.

We cannot empower people - but we can utilise our power to dis-empower others.

We cannot create a person’s sense of citizenship but we can offer programs and services that reinforce a person’s sense of ‘illness-ship’.

We cannot teach people to have hope or rediscover themselves, but we can inadvertently inhibit a person’s sense of discovery and learning.


Our responsibility is not to assess, manage, monitor, teach or rehabilitate, but to create environments where a person can recognise their own mastery, and continue to learn and thrive beyond the limitations invited by the experience of mental illness or distress.


Enlightened Consultants are recognised as Australian and international leaders in the unfolding practice of recovery and life long learning in the mental health sector.

We contribute to the understanding and practice of this field by appreciative inquiry, bespoke custom training and collaborative practice with our clients in their workplaces.

We supervise and mentor workers, practitioners, team leaders and organisational leaders in new understanding of their practice understanding, principles and attitudes.