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Thursday 4th Jun 2020

Recovery Weblinks, Articles, eBooks

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Web Links

Intentional Peer Support

Mind, U.K. 

Like Minds, Like Mine N.Z. 

National Empowerment Centre U.S. U.S. 

The Brook Recovery, Empowerment & Development Centre Australia


Websites and blogs

IWAMHS Consumer Participation (Inner West Area Mental Health Service Melbourne)

Keepwell Ltd.(Australia) 

Borderlands Website (Victoria) 

National Perceptions Forum (UK)


Consumer / Survivor Stories

Peter Beresford - Out in the lead

C & C Project: Consumer and Carer Experiences of Care Survey 

Views on Severe Mental Illness 

Articles by Survivors / National Perceptions Forum (UK)  What We Think about "The System"


Consumer Support Sites

Office of the Health Services Commissioner (Victoria)      

Mental Health Foundation (Victoria) 

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia 

National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum

CAN Mental Health 

The Inner West Consumer Advisory Group (Melbourne)

The Queensland Alliance 

Mental Health Coordinating Council 

Black Dog Institute


Resource Centres

Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria - Resource Centre and Library Catalogue

National Mental Health Consumer Clearing House U.S.

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health U.K.

Mental Health Community Coalition A.C.T.

The Black Dog Institute


Mental Health Consumers and Carers - Adelaide University Library

Multicultural Mental Health Australia

Safety and Quality in Victoria's Public Mental Mealth Services - Resources


Journal Articles

Consumers as Tutors - Legitimate Teachers?

Consumer-Driven Health Plans: Are They More Than Talk Now?



The following publications may be available in full text via the link.

Empowerment, Lifelong  Learning and Recovery in Mental Health: Towards a New Paradigm. Ed: Peter Ryan, Shula Ramon, Tim Greacen

Pathways to Policy, Edited by Jonathan Bureau and Jane Shears, U.K. 2007.

Making Recovery a Reality, Geoff Shepherd, Jed Boardman & Mike Slade, U.K. 2008

Consumer Participation And Carer Participation Across Mental Health Act: A Framework For Action: Produced for Research Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Practice by ACT Health, 2007.



 You can have a look at some parts of some of these books online.

 Users and Abusers of Psychiatry: A Critical Look at Psychiatric Practice: Lucy Johnston, 2000 

Mental Health Matters - A Reader,  Tom Heller, 2000

In the Same Boat : the Self Help Kit, COSHG Australia

Working Alongside People With Long Term Mental Health Problems, Rachel Perkins & Julie Repper

Social Inclusion and Recovery: A Model for Mental Health Practice, Rachel Perkins & Julie Repper

Dilemmas in Community Mental Health Practice: Choice Or Control, Rachel Perkins & Julie Repper

On Our Own, Together: Peer Programs for People with Mental Illness, Ed. Sally Clay


Reports / Publications / Conference Papers

Consumer Self-rated Outcome Measures in Mental Health: A report to the Mental Health Branch, Victoria

Department of Human Services / Oct 2003. Voice, Identity and Coercion: the Consumer/Survivor Movement in Acute Public Psychiatric Services


Radio Programs / TV Programs

Australia Talks Back / Radio National 7/5/08 

All in the Mind ABC Australia 2007

Madness Radio

Disability Day 2010 -  Out of our Minds (scroll to 9:30 timeslot)

Mental illness Fellowship Victoria - Brainwaves Radio Program

Healthy Place U.S. - Mental Health Talk Radio

Australian Indigenous HealthInfo Net - Mental Health Radio Programs

ABC Radio National - Designing for Mental Health

Natural News Radio - Mental Health Exposed

TVO Mental Health Matters

Healthy Place U.S. Mental Health TV Show

The Guardian TV - Worlds Maddest Job Interview - Commentary

Channel 4 - Worlds Maddest Job interview