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Friday 24th Jan 2020

  Our Team


Helen Glover


Helen uses her professional background in social work and education, as well as her lived experience of her own recovery from mental illness, to expand and challenge the concepts of recovery-oriented practice within the mental health sector. She provides consultancy and training services nationally and internationally on the opportunities, challenges and tensions of creating recovery-oriented practice within services.

Helen is passionate about the reality of recovery from mental illness/distress.

She works with organisations, providers and people utilising services, in assisting them to further create environments where the focus is on supporting people in their personal efforts of recovery.

In combining her lived experience with her professional background, and drawing on her interest in education and learning, she has developed a number of large action learning projects around recovery-oriented leadership and systemic change.

She continues to learn from such opportunities, how to support organisations, workers and people with a lived experience, so the concept of recovery is more clearly understood, embraced and utilised as a central focus within service delivery environments.


Paul Glover


Paul provides business, website, elearning development, LMS and administration support for Enlightened Consultants.

Paul currently practices as a Remedial Therapist, and uses his life skills and therapies training to help a wide range of clients with improving their quality of every day life.

Paul has previously worked at, and managed, technical facilities and productions at many of the theatre and convention venues in Brisbane for over 15 years.

Paul's professional background in Engineering, Technical Production and Remedial Therapies offers him a wide background of knowledge and experience in his work with Enlightened Consultants.



Sharon Vaughan

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Sharon's interest in mental health was inspired in her teens. As a youngster Sharon saw many of her family face the impacts of mental illness. She watched as loved ones struggled to access services that understood them as human beings, showed compassion, and were prepared to meet them where they were. She could see that many parts of the system created impossible hoops to jump through, then blamed the person when these impossible feats were not met.

This insight was further developed through Sharon's own struggle with mental health and search for support that really helped. From an early age Sharon knew that there "had to be a better way".  Sharon studied a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at Griffith University and graduated to start working in the non-clinical, adult mental health. Right from the start Sharon was attracted to alternative models of support. Sharon is focused of supporting people to "thrive in the face of adversity", developing support products and educational programs based on peer support for people who are thriving or seeking to thrive in the face of adversity. Sharon is a qualified Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and mum.



Mel Schuth (Germany)

Anne Markwick (U.K.)

Carolyn Davies (U.K.)

Amanda Greaves (Australia)